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PALESTRA: "Publish or Perish: The art and science of publishing journal papers”

Convidamos a todos para a palestra, versando sobre publicação de artigos científicos. A mesma será proferida em inglês e é aberta a professores e alunos de graduação e pós-graduação.

Data e horário:   30/10/19, quarta-feira, às 18 horas;
Local:  Auditório do Instituto de Computação
Palestrante: Professor Mehdi Toloo, da  VSB Technical University of Ostrava, República Tcheca.


The art and science of publishing journal papers
Today, scientific articles play an important role in promoting universities and researchers worldwide. Post-graduate students are also in dire need of publishing such articles in their work papers. In addition, finding an academic position without having good scientific articles is almost impossible. The intense competition in the writing of scientific articles and the limited number of qualified journals made the process of preparing and publishing scientific articles from a conventional academic activity into art and beyond into a science. The purpose of this lecture is to provide key points that should be considered for preparing academic articles. These points include choosing a subject for research, team working with other co-authors, observing scientific ethics, plagiarism, finding suitable journals that could be best suited for publishing your scientific article, and interacting with the editor and referees.


Mehdi Toloo is Professor of Systems Engineering and Informatics in the Department of Systems Engineering at VSB‐Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic along with Faculty of Business Administration at VSE-University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic. Before joining the University in August 2013, he served as an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics (Operations Research) at Azad University, Iran. He is a Visiting Associate Professor at University of Turin, Italy and a member of Ph.D. board at University of Insubria, Italy. Mehdi received a B.Sc. (Pure Mathematics), M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics), and Ph.D. (Operations Research).

Areas of interest include Supply Chain Management, Performance evaluation, Data Envelopment Analysis, and Multi-objective programming. He serves as an area editor in Computers & Industrial Engineering at ELSEVIER and associate editor at RAIRO-Operations Research. He has written fourteen books and his research has been published in various top-tier journals including OMEGA and European Journal of Operational Research. Mehdi   has   lots   of  experience   in   leading   and   collaboration   in   many   successful research projects. He is conference chair, session chair, and presenter of a wide range of international conferences. He has given numerous plenary talks and tutorials in many conferences.
For more details visit http://homel.vsb.cz/~tol0013/           

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