International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education

The International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education (IF 4.120) is the world´s only journal which focuses on aspects of sustainable development at universities. Since its creation in the year 2000, the journal has been playing a key role in documenting the evolution of sustainability processes in higher education, being now central to the academic debate on matters related to sustainability at universities.A special issue on “Assessing the incorporation of UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) in Learning and Teaching Policies of Higher Education Institutions”, is currently accepting abstract and full paper.There is a growing focus on the need to ensure that students and graduates are informed about or have an overall awareness about the UN SDGs. One of the structured approaches to ensure this may happen, is to systematically embed the UN SDGs within an institution’s learning and teaching policy. This Special Issue therefore aims report on approaches, methods, tools and processes to incorporate the UN SDGs in higher education institutions. It also explores if there may be differences about the incorporation of the UN SDGs at HEIs in different countries and in different specialist subjects.Link to submit full paper:

Key Deadlines:Closing date for abstracts: 30th of October, 2023Opening date for full article submissions:18th of September, 2023Closing date for full article submissions: 20th of February, 2024 Email for abstract submissions300 words abstracts outlining the aims of the paper, the methods used and with the full contact details of the authors, should be sent to the guest editors, Dr Joanna Poon at, Dr Artie Ng at and  Dr Subarna Sivapalan at,The Editorial Team

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