Call for Papers, “World Symposium on Climate Literacy”,  Manchester, UK, 9th-11th September 2024– Deadline for Abstracts: 30th April

Climate change literacy is crucial as it may empower individuals and communities with the knowledge to understand the impacts of climate change, the underlying science, and the strategies needed for mitigation and adaptation. By being informed, people can make more environmentally responsible decisions, advocate for sustainable policies, and adapt to changes that are already occurring. Climate literacy also involves understanding the evidence for climate change, recognising its influence on environmental and human systems, and being able to participate in community-based efforts to reduce emissions and adapt to its impacts. As climate change affects all sectors of society, literacy is necessary for everyone, from policymakers and scientists to students and the general public, ensuring a well-informed community ready to tackle these challenges effectively.

There is a perceived need for events which may cater for in-depth discussions about how the cause of climate literacy may be fostered.  It is against this background that the  “World Symposium on Climate Literacy” is being organised. The Symposium aims to provide a platform for researchers, practitioners  and educators engaged with climate literacy to exchange their knowledge and perspectives.

The Symposium also aims to offer a valuable platform to enable climate literacy providers and users from the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East regions to depeen their knowledge on the topic and enhance networks. The theme of the Symposium, “Combining the Theory and Practice of Climate Change Literacy” reflects the intention to offer participants an opportunity to present what they are  doing,  both in research and reflections on climate literacy principles, and their implementation in practice.

As an output and long-term documentation of the event, selected papers will be published in the book  “Combining the Theory and Practice of Climate Change Literacy”, which will follow on the success of the 3-volumes “Handbook of Climate Change Communication”
with over 200 authors, and the 6- volumes “Handbook of Climate Change Management” one of the world´s largest non-publicly editorial projects on climate change produced to date, to which over 500 authors have contributed. The book will be  produced as part of the Climate Change Management Series, published by Springer Nature, which is fully indexed. All papers are peer-reviewed. Publications in the book series have been officially counting for promotion and tenure purposes over the years.

Interested participants should prepare an abstract of 200 to 300 words, along with the authors’ names and full contact details, summarising their planned inputs. Abstracts should be sent to the coordinating team of the “World Symposium on Climate Literacy”  by filling in the on-line form.

The deadline for submissions of abstracts is 30th April 2024. Full papers are due by 30th September 2024. The details will be discussed with the selected authors. It is also possible to attend the event and make a presentation, without producing a paper.

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