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Call for Paper

Special Issue "Business Strategies concerning the Sustainable Development Goals and the SDG Compass"

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) explicitly call for the active involvement of companies to transform political agreements into real environmental and social changes.

This implies, at the same time, a challenge and an opportunity for companies which can lead to a “win-win” scenario in which their contribution to sustainable development provides companies with long-term competitive advantages and new business opportunities. However, achieving the SDGs not only requires companies to “do things differently” (i.e., behave in a way that is more compatible with sustainability) but also to “do different things”.
Therefore, companies that rise to meet this challenge will find that the SDGs lend meaning and focus to their competitive strategies and value-creation process. Indeed, business contribution to the SDGs requires integrating the SDGs into companies’ core competitive strategy, organizational culture, and business model. In this sense, the SDG compass provides a guide to help companies in this process, explaining how to formulate, execute and communicate SDG-related strategies.
Researchers have highlighted the need to create and implement a sustainable business model based on the integration of the SDGs into long-term strategies and to search for innovative solutions to the challenges arising in this regard. However, more research is needed to understand how companies can contribute to the SDG being met and how their integration into business strategies can create value for the company and enhance firm performance.
This Special Issue aims to fill this gap and calls researchers from various academic disciplines to address the study of a broad spectrum of topics related to busines strategies concerning the SDGs and the SDG compass.